Design Consideration For An Apartment

Design Consideration For An Apartment

An apartment can mean differently in every country. In North America, an Apartment could also mean suite rooms that form in one residence which are typically seen in a building containing a number of suite rooms or flat. In some cases, apartments are considered as an essential thing for a Family or a bachelor. In designing an apartment you must consider the flow and the spaces must be universal and easy to access. The designer should consider that it should be universal enough to adapt to any kind of lifestyles. The colors of the rooms and the exterior should be neutral. If the designer planned the apartment well it could easily get lessee but for those who needs one day accommodation you may consider another option which is a hotel. One example is brighton hotels Melbourne.The first thing to consider in designing the apartment is the following questions:

1. The number of load or capacity it should cater, is it a Family of 3, 5, or 6?

2. What kind of apartment are you building a luxury apartment or an affordable apartment?

3. How many rooms do you need from the capacity you’ll need?

4. What are the furniture, fixtures, and appliances you would like to be available in every room for your apartment?

5. Do you need a carport, maid’s room, or a laundry room?

6. Is it a short stay type of apartment or a long term apartment? (A short stay apartment is rented space in a short period of time either a 2 days or a week some examples of this kind of apartment is a short stay apartments Hampton while the long term apartment is a rented space under a contract for 6 months or a year.)

The second thing to consider is the spaces needed. Below are the basic space needed in an Affordable apartment.

1. Living room and dining room. This two rooms could either be separated or combined the usual layout in an affordable apartment is a combined dining room and living room. The Dining room is a space used for the activity to eat a meal while the living room is used for general and everyday use.

2. Kitchen is a space to cook food and prepare food, also It is usually slightly separated from the dining area but in some cases wherein the space is small the designer then tend to open the kitchen adjacent to the dining and then the living for cheaper construction and easier access but an exhaust fan for the kitchen is a must for this kind of floor plan.

3. Bathroom is a space or room containing fixtures for hygienic purposes such as a shower, toilet, and sink.

4. Bedroom is a room for relaxation, resting or even sleeping, also It is a room used to re-energize a person’s body.

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